I don’t need my container delivered, can I still store with you?

Absolutely. We’ll bring a container right to the door for you to pack so you’ll always be on the ground floor. Due to the mobile nature of our business, walk-in access is only available at certain times. Please check our availability calendar or give us a call for our up-to-date schedule.

Where will my goods be stored?

All of our containers are securely stored at Higher Walton Mill, PR5 4DJ

Can I access my goods in storage?

Of course, however access is only available at certain times. Blox isn’t suitable for anybody needing constant daily access to their goods.

Are there any goods that I can’t store?

We cannot accept the following goods for storage;
Stolen goods, drugs or illegal paraphernalia,
Firearms or ammunition.
Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment.
Any animals, fish, birds or plants.
Goods likely to encourage vermin or pests.
Odorous goods that emit fumes or smell.
Dangerous goods.
Flammable or explosive goods including gas bottles, aerosols and fireworks.
High value items and large amounts of cash.
Please contact us if you are unsure.

Do I need to buy a padlock?

Unlike traditional self-stores, there is no unescorted public access to our store. Your container will be inside our secure warehouse and stored in a way as to prevent unauthorised access. We provide zip style security seals with each container so that you can be sure nobody has accessed your goods.

Are my goods insured?

Whilst your goods are being transported, they are covered by our Goods in Transit insurance, subject to our Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to insure your goods once in storage and they are not covered by our contents insurance.

How can I insure my goods?

What most storage companies don’t tell you, is that your goods will most likely be covered by your home contents insurance. Firstly, you should read your policy thoroughly to see if there is allowance for goods being stored away from the property. If not, then you can try contacting your supplier to see if they can provide you additional cover. Alternatively, there are several companies that will provide specific self-storage insurance and you can find details with an internet search.

Will my goods be secure?

We take security very seriously. Our facility is covered by modern security measures, including multi-stage response alarm system and remote CCTV.

What is your minimum storage period?

Blox is ideal for short term storers and with our PAYG option, you can store for as little as a single day, with no ongoing commitment.

Are there discounts available for large orders?

Generally, we like to offer great value and transparent pricing to all our customers, however if you are looking to store multiple containers or store for a long period then we may be able offer discounts. Please contact us to discuss.

Is there a notice period?

Unlike most storage companies, when you want to move out, we don’t have a notice period that is designed to tie you in. We do however recommend at least 5 days’ notice to arrange deliveries and collections. We may be able to arrange deliveries at shorter notice. All deliveries and collections are subject to availability.

Can I order multiple containers?

Yes, however we can only move one container at a time at the moment. We hope that this capability will increase in the near future.

Do you provide a full range of moving services?

We do provide a “Load Assist” service but our driver is only there to help with larger items and there is a time limit for loading, so you may have to have other goods ready to go when your container arrives. We also work alongside a number of small removals firms who can help pack your containers for an hourly rate. You still save on labour as there is no need for them to unload your goods into storage. Please contact us for more details.

Are there any hidden costs?

No sneaky charges. You pay for delivery and storage and that’s it. Outstanding payments that are severely overdue may be subject to interest.

How do I pay?

For our PAYG service you can pay with cash or card. To qualify for our weekly rate, you sign up to a 4 weekly direct debit. All storage periods are paid for in advance.

What if I can’t pay?

All storage periods are paid for upfront. If you can’t afford to pay for ongoing storage or delivery, then let us know and you will be invited to collect your goods free of any extra charge. If you choose to leave your goods in our storage for an ongoing period without paying, then you may not be able to access your goods until outstanding amounts are settled.