Built to tried and tested removal industry dimensions, our crates are big enough to fit the largest items of furniture in most homes, yet small enough to fit on your property.


100% Waterproof



We offer a range of flexible payment options. You can use our Pay-As-You-Go option to pay upfront for as little as a single days storage with no tie-ins. Sign up to a Direct Debit to qualify for our weekly rate. Prices include VAT.

DIRECT DEBIT - From £12/week

PAY AS YOU GO - £2.50/day



35sq. ft.


250cubic ft.



One container is roughly equivalent to a standard sized (SWB) van.

One Container is equivalent to a 35sq/ft storage unit.




No van hire or travelling required. No need to unload into storage.

No need to arrange van hire or do multiple trips in your car, why not just do it all from the comfort of your home or business! It’s not just the travel time that you save either, no matter what facility you might have used in the past, you will have had to either unload your belongings into storage or pay for someone else to do it for you. Then you have to do it all again when you move out! With Blox you just load up at your door and your belongings come back to you just as you packed them. Simple.



Our storage facility features CCTV & multiple alarm systems. There is no unescorted public access to our warehouse!

At most facilities, there may only be a padlock between your goods and hundreds of neighbours! Blox is different. Our mobile system means that there is no need for unescorted access to our warehouse. Our facility also features all the modern security features that you might expect, as well as some good old fashioned physical security barriers. We are able to monitor and respond to our alarms and CCTV 24/7. Once your goods are in storage, you can rest assured that they’re in safe hands.



Concerned about privacy? We've got the solution.

Many people don’t like the thought of other people handling their possessions, or having to trail all your goods down the corridors of a storage facility for all to see. Blox offers the ideal solution for anyone preferring a bit more privacy. Pack at your door and then seal up your container for collection. Even we don’t need to see what’s in there. Of course we’re more than happy to help with ensuring that your goods are secure for travel too if you’d prefer.

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