You’re probably aware of some of the more traditional Self Storage providers and you may have noticed them at the side of the road. You may not be aware that Mobile Self Storage can provide a cheaper and easier way to move goods into storage!

The majority of people will have a need to move some goods into storage at some point in their lives, the problem for most of us is getting our goods to the store. You may have to hire a van or employ a moving company, then you’ve got to unload your goods into a unit once you get there. If you want the best price for a unit then it probably wont be near the door or even on the ground floor! (If you’ve had to use a self store in the past then you’ve probably experienced this frustration).

That’s where our Mobile Self Storage service can help! We bring a self storage crate to you for you to pack in your own time. Once you’re ready, we collect and store in our secure warehouse. There’s no need to hire a van, travel to store, or double handle your goods! You can simply pack at the privacy of your own property, then your goods will be collected, stored and delivered back to you just as you packed them. It really is that simple!

Not only is Mobile Self Storage convenient and time-saving, our storage prices are also generally much cheaper than an equivalent sized self storage unit, and delivery & collection is less than hiring a van for the day from any major provider. We provide a simple pay-as-you-go service and there’s no complicated leases, tie-ins or hidden extras.

Over in the USA, Mobile Self Storage is now one of the most popular ways for people to store and it’s now gaining popularity over here. BLOX are leading the way in Preston and the surrounding areas, providing people with a simple and affordable way to move goods into storage.